New Games For The Kids

As you know, we invest heavily on helping as many kids as we can. Not just helping them in life but also making sure they have fun. Young kids deserve to be happy and have no worries in life. So we have just bought them several new games that we can all enjoy. Some of these are your standard kids games but others will force them to engage with each other more as they have more skill involved.

The first things we bought were a handful of board games. You really can’t go wrong with board games as they are perfect for when the weather isn’t too great outside. Monopoly allows them to get used to dealing with money, so is a perfect learning game. Of course we had to have Twister, that game makes all the kids laugh and they can all get involved.

kids playingSome slightly more obscure things we bought were meant to give the kids things they possibly haven’t seen before. The first was a bocce ball set. We got this mainly for when we take them to the beach as it’s a skilful game that is easy to play and let’s face it, kids love to play ball games. Luckily none of them had even heard of it before, so we can’t wait to take them to the beach to try it later this month.

Then we bought a chess board. This was admittedly a gamble as we thought they might find it a bit boring. Surprisingly we have a few of them that actually love it. They are quite competitive about it too, which is great as it forces them to think harder about what they are doing. We have regular games each week and James usually comes out on top.

Lastly, we bought some outdoor inflatables too. There’s a small paddling pool which will be great to have on the hot summer days. We also got a small bouncy castle too, which will allow them to burn off lots of calories whilst also having fun.

So that’s all for now, we can go ahead and continue in our mission to keep the kids as happy as we can!

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