We’ve Put Interlocking Foam Mats in the Play Area

Just a quick update today, we have just put some foam matting down in the play area to make it safer for the kids. This is just a precaution as Joshua bumped his head last week and we don’t want any other children getting hurt.

We thought it essential to cover the whole floor area where the kids toys are just to be sure. It was surprisingly easy to fit and we even did it ourselves. They are like a big jigsaw puzzle that you simply piece together yourself. Quite inexpensive too, as we bought 6 boxes from Amazon and they gave us free shipping. You can see some for yourself here.

We are now looking in to whether we can get some for the external play area where the swing is. At present we have only found indoor mats but are still looking and I’m sure we’ll find some. The ground is quite soft there so it’s not essential but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

If you have hard floors in your home then we highly recommend getting some of these rubber mats. You can even just take them up when you want as they are only temporary and not fixed in place permanently. Not just good for your kids rooms but also if you have exercise equipment or anything heavy and you don’t want to damage your wooden floors.

That’s all for now, we just thought we would let all parents know that we are doing all we can to make sure your children are safe here when they come to play.